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Hi there, this video is about adding kind of intros to your video. Just a bit of maybe some graphics. Like you see at the beginning of all my videos, I have that kind of thing, where the camera moves. Doesn't have to be that fancy, it can be just something real simple, just a nice colored box with some text in the middle, explaining what the course is for. I find it's quite useful for people getting started, that they know they're in the right place. I also often add, because I teach software, I add the software name, as well as the topic that's getting covered. So that people are very clear what's going on here. So it could just be, pick a nice font in a nice colored box. 

You can do that using, say you're editing with Camtasia, Camtasia, I know you can add big rectangles, and text through the middle. Pretty much all the editing software that allow you to do that kind of basic stuff. Some of them will let you animate it as well. And if you want to go a bit beyond that, say something a little bit more, like what I've got, some cameras, movement, and stuff, if you're going to do it yourself like I do, you need some reasonable bit of knowledge of something like, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion, or After Effects, Adobe makes that. 

So if that's not really your thing, you don't really want to get into learning that too much, you might start with a template. So there are lots of templates you can buy online, that do all the hard work for you. You still need a bit of understanding of how the software works. Say you buy Premiere Pro template for the intro. You buy it, it's going to cost you like 20 bucks, but if you have zero knowledge in Premiere Pro, you might have to jump out and do a course on Premiere Pro, just to get that understanding basic so that you're not, you know, buying templates is not going to completely solve it. It's kind of like the last 10% that you need, to be able to fish around and be able to change the text and export it. I've got courses on all of those case, Premiere Pro and After Effects. If you're interested to understand it a bit more, go check out my courses there. 

Also just so you know, I'm going to show you some templates, they're cool. But say you want to do it yourself and you want ideas, what you want to go to is something like YouTube, and go, 'top 10'. If you put in 'intro videos', you're probably not going to get what you want with a text. Use terms like ident. So I-D-E-N-T, identity. So idents, as a name, it's not specifically what you want, but it will give you good ideas for that kind of like initial first screen. The American calls them stingers. So just that kind of first little bit, where it introduces the company or the logo. If you look for like the best ones on YouTube, or best examples, you'll get some cool ideas how you might bring in your text, or say you're building a brand, can you get a logo kind of build going on, that could be cool. 

Let's jump in now, and I'll show you Envato Market, for buying kind of templated ones. Yeah, see you in there. So here's one of my intros, you've seen it at the beginning here, but you can see, so I do it, and I start talking as it's coming in, I also make sure that the first thing I talk about is, we talked about this earlier, but, I show the example that we're going to make. So remember, I record it all the way through, come back to the beginning, and actually show what we make during the whole video to make it super clear. The software that I use, the course that it's in, and exactly what's going on in the course. Creating a log. And then a logo. And then actually jumping straight in, and saying this is what we're making. Make it super clear to everyone. 

Now I talked earlier about stock footage. So if you don't want to actually have to go and make it yourself, you can go to a place like Envato. So Envato do a few things, one of their markets is pretty awesome, because you can go into here, go to this one that say Video, and then if you're going to use , Premiere Pro, After Effects, or Apple Motion, they've got some templates for you. There are some ones that are built into something like Camtasia. Have a look through the options in there. I don't know all the video software so just have a little look, see if there is stuff that's already built in. But the super fancy, like if you really want to go down this route, I kind of pre-loaded a few of them, let's have a look. 

Text comes up. And this one here, you can see, this-- if you bought this one here for, I think it's 20 dollars, you get all of these templated ones, and you just decide that, this is the one you're going to use, or this one's the one you're going to use for every video. You might use a mixture of them, but you just get a bunch of templates. You have to open them up in After Effects, or Premiere Pro, whichever one you've downloaded them, and chosen the template for. And adjust the text for your specific video. If you've got 50 videos, you'll copy and paste it 50 times. 

So what else we got, let's have a look at this one. You could obviously go through this. I wouldn't put music at the beginning, I did for the first of mine. Some cool stuff in this one, but, man, so much push back. People were like, "It looks good for maybe your intro, but don't have music on all of the videos." Drives people mad, drives me mad eventually as well. So I stopped about halfway through my video career. I stopped putting intro music in, and I got a bit of a round of applause from students, because, man, that music in every video drives people bananas. 

A couple more before we move on, you can head on to the next video now. Just going to, I'm going to half dance, into the Envato market. Text animations. You can't see it. This one here. I don't think the music comes if you buy this one. You've got to buy the music separately if you wanted to. Look at that. That could be cool. It's my favorite one, that one is 50 different colorful slides. So it's $29, this one was based out of After Effects. So you might want to-- After Effects is a little bit more complicated than Premiere Pro, so you might want to find Premiere Pro, and look for-- I've been looking at, well this one is in Titles, but, let's have a look through the rest of them. 

So Titles, have a look through Logo Stings. Just have a look through the different elements, see what might work for you. But remember, you could be just generating yourself a huge amount of extra work. I like it, you know, it's something that I feel, does it add value? I do it, because I want to, and I love that kind of-- I enjoy doing that kind of side of things as well. It would work just as well if there was a bit of text in the middle. Doesn't have to animate in, and all the sing-song. So be careful you don't just create a huge amount of work for your first course. Keep it maybe simple for the first one, and maybe if you end up doing a second or a third, you might get into a bit more of these typographic intro techniques indent type things. All right, that's it for this video, I will see you in the next one.