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Hi there, it is time to create your teaser video. Now what is a teaser video? It is something that you create before you start, so you finish the recording, you record it at all, but it's all just a big lump of raw footage on your computer. So you're about to start editing. So release a little video now to hype everyone up to say, "Hey I've finished recording, and I'm about to start editing." You should be excited. Oh yeah, I'll release it before I start editing, to get-- it's just like a pre-release hype video. And what I'll do is I'll kind of do that whole hypey thing, but also grab some snippets of the course, just to give them an example of what's coming up. 

Who should do this? Now if you've got zero audience, and no past courses, and no students to do this, to like hype this to, you might just do this on your second video. So you at least got some sort of-- go out, make sure you go to YouTube channel. Make sure you've got an Instagram account. Make sure you've got a Twitter account, just load them all up. So you've got somewhere to put this thing. Because if there's nobody out there then the hype video is not very exciting, or this teaser video, it's not very useful. 

The cool thing about it though is, if you already have a Udemy course or a Skillshare course, or something out there, or some sort of audience in some sort of social network. You can send, like Udemy, you can send education announcements. Same with Skillshare, you can send out community notices to say, it's just a hype video. To keep people ready for when it launches, so that you're not launching to absolutely nobody, people know it's coming. 

The cool thing about it is-- I'll show you my version at the moment. I launched-- I did my teaser, put it up on YouTube, Instagram. Put it on all of them, and it's pretty amazing, like how many people then-- I made the mistake of saying, it'll be ready by the 1st of January. And that didn't happen. But 1st of January I was like-- and then people started emailing me, and messaging me, and DMing me, and say, "Hey, you said the course is going to be ready, I've been waiting for it", and you're like, "Wow". First of all, awesome, but second of all, man, I shouldn't have put a date on it. You know you might not get like a direct response to say, "I am going to buy your course," thank you. You're going to get people that-- you're going to see some views, see some shares, some likes. And there are going to be a few of those people that are pre-sold. They're just waiting for the course to come out, so they can give you their credit card details. 

So don't underestimate the teaser video. I do them, and it's amazing. Like it's easier as you get a bigger audience, but at the beginning, you're trying to-- it's easier when you've got a lot of bigger audience, but you can only get that bigger audience by doing these kind of earlier parts. So yeah, teaser video, it's a little bit hard to get together I guess, but I feel like it's well worth it. 

What we're going to do now is, I'm just going to play you my teaser video that I did for my last course. So going to say good bye to you now. And the rest of this particular video is just going to be my teaser, and then it will stop. And it will be the end, we'll move on to the next thing. So check out my teaser. Now my teaser is reasonably-- highly finished. As in, I did this whole lighting, because it's already set up, so I just do this talking head thing, but I see big value in just doing a bit more, like, holding cell phone, Instagram stories type thing where, selfie stick, like, "Hey guys, blah, blah, blah." "It's going to come out soon," it doesn't have to be as hard core as my one looks. It could be better than my one. But don't feel like it has to be of a certain quality, because I feel like these teaser things can be a bit more natural, if it's a bit more roar, and like shot on a cell phone. 

Just watch the video. Hi there, I have just finished filming the Photoshop Advanced course. It's a nice big healthy one, it's over 100 videos. It's getting edited right now, and should be out before the end of July 2018. There's a link here if you want to pre-register, you'd be the first to know when it's out. Check out some of the stuff we make. So we go through some really interesting visual styles, and how to make them. We also go through all of the core features you need, to become an advanced Photoshop user. Learn how to select and mask anything, anything in the world. There's a complete retouch section. How to fix really bad images. 3D, video, web. 

Probably the most useful is going to be all the work flow speed tricks and tips. So if you are an existing Photoshop user, and you have your ways of doing stuff, but you know that there's probably a one-click solution for that thing that takes you half an hour, this is going to be your course. Pre-sign up now, that same link, after the end of July 2018, will become just a link to the course, so you can go check it out. All right, I will see you soon, when we finish editing, it's going to take a while. Bye.