How to create, market & sell online courses

Introduction to create, market & sell online courses

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 1 of 26

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Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Scott, and I'm a full-time online course creator. 

Now this training here is to show you how to make your very first, and successful online course. So this course is aimed at people who have never created an online course before, so there is no need for any previous experience. 

Now you won't be doing this full-time like me, so I've broken it down into actionable steps that we can tackle together, one at a time, step by step. 

Now we'll cover lots of topics and techniques, like how to choose a profitable course, how to name your course, how to create an outline, and options for editing and recording your course, plus all the places that you can sell your course, what you should price it at, and most importantly, how to successfully launch your very first online course. 

Now I started making online courses about three years ago, and like you I started doing it in the weekends and in the evenings, through to now, where I am doing this full-time. I've got about 23 courses online, and those courses kind of add up to make about a 100,000 US dollars a month. It is absolutely bananas. And through that journey I've learned what makes successful launches, and what makes terrible courses, and terrible launches. 

This video series here is my personal steps of doing it all successfully. Here to share with you. So if you are ready to earn extra money, working from home like me, join me in this training, and together we will make your very first online course a success.