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Hi there, this video is all about file management. It's a nice simple easy one to do, but avoid it at your peril. We're going to go through and just take all the files that you've recorded, and make sure that they match up to your outlines, you haven't missed anything. Just make sure you number them correctly, and then make sure you back them up. It's nice and simple, let's jump into the computer and let's work through it now. 

So file management time. I finished recording, and all my files are in my 'Raw files'. And I'll show you what I do, just to make sure I haven't missed anything, and I've backed up everything because, man, to lose that raw footage, or to forget to record one of them can be a huge big bummer later on, and it's easy to rectify now. 

So in my 'Raw files', I've put everything. So here are all the videos that I've done for the recordings I did for-- this is my Photoshop Advanced course, it's a real long one. One of the first things is, you can see my numbering, it's 01, and then the name of the video. Make sure you put in 01 rather than just 1. Sometimes it does weird numbering, because when you get up to 10, sometimes the 1 can end up underneath it, or joined up, depending on your computer. So just put an 01, 02, 03. If you're going to be like me, and get past these, I should really have put in 001. I didn't realize it's going to be past 100 videos. Wow! 

The other thing to do is just make sure you haven't missed anything. So the easiest way for me to do it is, I just take the first one, come down the bottom here, hold 'Shift' on my keyboard, just click. So I've got them all selected, and you can see down the bottom here, it says I have 107 videos selected. And there is 107, so I know that I've got them all there. Sometimes I've selected, and it will say, you have 105, and I'll be like, "I made a 107, but there's only 105 videos." There's two that are missing, or have ended up in the wrong place. Sometimes it's just, I've saved them onto my My Documents instead of the right folder, or I've actually totally just, I decided at the end, or while I was doing it, I'll record that at the end, and then never did. So it's just a super easy check that I use just to make sure nothing's missing. 

The other thing that I do is, most of these video, because I teach software, it's all done in Camtasia, this is a Camtasia file. And there's only one video, so video 89-How to make 3D text, is all done within that one Camtasia screen shot. There's no head shots on this one, if there are head shots, what I end up doing is, see this one here, this video, the second one, 02-Before you get started, is a mixture of two things. There is a live action, there's me, and there is a screen capture as well, so there's a mixture of both. So what I do, just keep everything tidy, is to put them into a folder, and there can be lots in there. This one only has two, and it just means that, only occupies one little number there, that's not all making this messy. Same with the intro, but I'm scared to open this up for you, because this one's a messy one. Wow, messy. Watch this, ready? 

There is a lot in the intro. I spend all of, like I make a good video, and make sure there's good class exercises, but it doesn't take me very long to make the Camtasia video, but the intro, I spend a lot more time on it. Like the intro for this particular course, the one you're watching right now. Check it out, there's a lots of things where there is, bits of screencasts, there's little bits of, there's music in the background, there's lots of different videos of me talking. So there's a lot more to the intro. So it goes into this folder, and there's a bunch of stuff in here. There's all the raw footage, and I stick it all together later on. So lots of effort, lots of different videos go into the intro, and number, point number 08 just gets one old screencast recorded in one big go, and then I cut it all up and edit it, ready for the course. 

The other thing I do is I make sure they match the outline. So I've got 107 here, there should be 107 in the outline. I realized this is not the matching corresponding one. This is the tidy one that I've got. So I just quickly go through and just make sure that every now and again I do a spot check, I go, okay, 22 is Batch or Image processing. And I check my outline just to make sure they match up, make sure I haven't missed anything. Just the nice easy check to do. Compare your outline to what you end up having in here. 

Next thing to do is back it up. So there's a couple of different ways. I've got-- I actually do it two ways, I'm paranoid. One way is, I have a backup hard drive, and what I do now is I plug it into my computer, and I just drag my raw files onto it. Just as a backup, just in case it all goes wrong, at least I've got those raw files that I can go back to. Then what do I do with that hard drive, I hide it like a squirrel. Because I'm not worried so much about-- I am worried about the files corrupting, but I'm more worried about my laptop getting stolen, and losing everything. And if they're going to steal your laptop, and you're little hard drive it's sitting right next to it, they're probably going to steal that as well. So hide it somewhere else. Back it up, and then move it away from right next to your computer. I have a special hard drive that I purely use for all of my courses. Just so that they're somewhere in case it all goes wrong. 

So that's the one kind of paranoid thing I do. The next one is I'll grab the raw file, or I'll actually grab the whole folder and drag it into, I use Dropbox as a backup. So I just grab it, and I say, all my raw files are going to go into Dropbox. I'm going to make a copy of them. The cool thing about Dropbox is that this icon up here will slowly update, and will put them online, so you've got a copy there as well. Don't have to use Dropbox, I think Dropbox has 2 Gigabytes free. You could use OneDrive from Microsoft, Amazon has Amazon Drive. Google has Google Drive. Who else is there? Box. There's another company, Mozy is a company that I used for a little while. M-O-Z-Y, if you're Adobe Creative Cloud user, you get this one here. Creative Cloud files, you could use that as well. There's loads of ways of backing stuff up, so make sure you do it. And if you're paranoid like me, do it a couple of different ways. 

All right, so that's a nice simple file management step. Let's move on to the next video.