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Hi there, it is time to do your editing. And you're going to do it in whatever software you captured your course in. So if you were using some of the free things, like iMovie or say Shotcut, or you could, on a windows use Movie Maker, Windows Movie Maker to do your editing. So do your editing in there, if you want to get a bit more pro. Remember, Camtasia's one you might have recorded in as well. You can do all the editing in there as well. Same with this live editing, you can do in Camtasia, sorry, this live footage. And in terms of the professional tools, to go a little bit further, the kind of two mains ones would be Premiere Pro from Adobe, the one I use. And there's one called Final Cut Pro, which is an Apple only one. But those would be the two kind of like Pro tools for video editing. But this is the long hard road, and you're going to do it all by yourself. 

If you've never edited a video before, just know it's going to-- there's a little bit of learning involved, and you're going to-- it's going to take a long time to do. Eventually though, you can outsource this thing. So that's what I do, I've got to a point where, I would rather start recording my second course, then do the editing. I don't enjoy the editing, some people do. But at the beginning you're not going to have the resources or the money to do it. Say it's going to cost you two grand to get it edited. 

If your first course, you don't know how much it's going to earn you. I know that my newer courses, they'll pay me a bit back. And I'd rather use my time to record more courses. So I outsource the editing. But at the beginning, like some of my first courses, my first course did pretty well, it would have paid back the two grand eventually, but my second and third course, they were really short, really quick. They were terrible topics, random topics. Did none of the research that I've kind of shared with you in this course. I just had a little look at how much they earned in their lifetime, they've been out three years. One's earned a total of $75, and the other ones at about $1700. So still, if I outsource the editing I'd be still in negative. But I know all my newer courses pay well over that. 

So editing is something I outsource. Not sure why I'm going on about this, but know that if you don't enjoy the editing process, then potentially, if you can prove that your system works, or that kind of topics that you do might work, you can outsource the editing, that's fine. All right, let's get in to the next video.